1980 - 60" X 36"
Acid Painting on Copper. 23K Gold image of Sun. Framed in Milo & Koa. First in a series with the Hookenna graphic and theme.
Inspired by the beautiful sunsets I'd see while living at Hookenna Beach on Hawaii' in the mid '70's before the volcano went off.
I first met Martin Charlot in these days as he was going "door to door" seeking Christian fellowship w/ people in the "neighborhood."
Created as the "king" piece in an art show attached to the commission of a 36'x20' fountian sculpture for Kaanapali Shores Hotel in Maui.
The art show, attended by the then current governors of Hawaii', Mr. & Mrs. George Arioshi, was one of the largest and more successful
art shows to be held in Hawaii at that time. To date, there are few, if any, rivals to that art show.



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