Typical Project PERT (Project Evaluation Review Technique)
Management flow chart

This is a work flow chart of a typical project from start to finish to create The Art of Craft ornamental gates for any given client. Each box represents a task description, the duration - amount of time (in weeks) that that task typically takes to be completed, the start date of that task, the resource - primary responsible party , and the completion date for that task.

If a project were to commence on Jan. 1, the project would be complete on May 8 (given typical conditions). In other words, a typical ornamental gate project from The Art of Craft takes approx. 5 months to complete from start to finish.

A Non-Refundable design fee is applied to the overall cost of the project..

• Retainer Option #1: $7,500
 Client selects & provides contractor for mechanical elements of project.
We provide the art work insert to the contracted framework.

• Retainer Option #2: $10,000
We locate & select contractor for mechanical elements of project.

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