Welcome to the
49 Black Sand Beach client presentation page.
We put client presentations online for the benefit of interisland and mainland clients w/ busy travel schedules and quick non-paper reference if/when needed in the design/approval process.
The presentation grows as the project progresses.

Created by:

Randolph L. Craft

1. Elevations as provided to us by the client's architect, Hans Riecke.

2. Using elements from the client project logo, we created a bamboo theme for the gate center and presented in a natural bronze and patina bronze framing


We then dressed the client elevations w/ items from our library of photo graphic images to impart a perceptual element of reality and dropped our renderings of the gates into the "scene."

4. A full scale model of the gate center element was made for client approval.

5. All approvals complete, we fabricated product

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