The application of a 100-year patina to copper. This is typically used on copper roofs and gutters. We provide the most natural aging process and look, the most consistant application of desired color tones, and extremely experienced management of process.

will provide your architectural elements with... "The Graceful Patina of Time..."

Samples of copper treated with different "slews" of chemicals.
All of our coloring treatments are long-lasting and time-tested.

An untreated application of copper on a roof in Hawaii will look similar to the picture on the right and stay that way for 20+ years even if the roof is on or close to the ocean.

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goodfellow residence - Kihei Maui


Our highly trained professional crew
at work at night applying the CrafTreated Copper® formula and process.
This image shows before, during, and after glimpses of the results in process)
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Mauka (Mountain) Side of the project close to the completion of the patina application process.
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Makai (Ocean) Side of project @ completion.
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Feel free to call us at 1 808 882-4092 with any questions, requests for high resolution images, etc.


Randolph L. Craft

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