Architectural Aesthetics is our "dba" (doing business as...) for those products and services that are not classified as "Fine Art" - more accurately, they are aesthetic appointments to architectural design. In the 30+ years that we have been in this business, we have designed and/or fabricated just about anything you can think of at least twice. ;-)
These products and services include:

The application of a 100-year patina to copper. This is typically used on copper roofs and gutters. We provide the most natural aging process and look, the most consistant application of desired color tones, and extremely experienced management of process.

, provides your architectural elements with
           the graceful patina of time...

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bannors to see images of copper samples.

To see the most recent application - the new Goodfellow residence on Maui,
Click Here.

Chandeliers, Lighting Fixtures, & Sconces
Quite often, when we provide the central piece of artwork within an architectural project, whether it is the entry gate or entry fountian sculpture, entry sculpture, wall sculpture, or copper acid painting, we are invariably asked to create or fabricate other elements for the property that will carry a color and texture theme throughout. These typically are lighting fixtures and wall sconces, elevator doors, ceiling fixtures and chandiliers, soffit trim, etc.
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Feel free to call us at 1 808 882-4092 with any questions, requests for high resolution images, etc.


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